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Offering on site service to all sizes 

View the list below to find out about the variety of quality services we can offer to the fun-sized members of your family!

**A valid veterinarian client-patient relationship (VRPC) is required for authorization of purchasing of
prescription medications. This applies to all species.
**Examinations are required with all vaccinations unless a current exam is already on file.

Small animal services offered:

  • Routine annual examinations

  • Routine vaccinations

  • Routine bloodwork and heartworm testing

  • Spay (ovariohysterectomy) and neuter surgeries

  • Anesthetic dental cleaning for cats and dogs

  • Minor surgical procedures (call for more information)

  • Sick (non-urgent) patient care

  • Reproductive procedures (scheduled surgical AI and cesarean procedures)

  • Reproductive ultrasound

  • Geriatric pet care

  • Quality of life examinations

  • In home euthanasia

  • Puppy litter exams