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Veterinarian with Dog

Urgent and Emergency Care

We are unable to provide emergency and urgent care services at this time.

We are unable to provide urgent or emergency services. If you are a regular client, please call if you

have an urgent care need and we can try to accommodate you if we are in your area or help direct you
to another facility that may be able to help.


Urgent and Emergency Care Facilities


For small animal emergency services please contact:

VCA Asher (limited emergency days and hours) 530-224-2200

Valley Oak (limited emergency hours) in Chico 530-342-7387


For equine emergency services please contact Crossroads Equine 530-365-3685.
For Equine or large animal emergencies (call before 10pm) Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic 530-347-3711.


If you are unable to reach any of these hospitals, 24-hour care for large or small animals is available at
UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at 530-752-1393.


If you have a sick or wounded patient that needs emergency care, please do not wait until after hours to
seek help. There is a nationwide veterinary care shortage (veterinarians and staff) and all North State
veterinary clinics are experiencing overwhelming patient volumes.

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